Distribution: Pre – sale 100 000 PIR Locked liquidity 20 000 PIR Amount will be used to add in liquidity and lock In case if hard cap is not reached, the rest of $PIR not locked in liquidity will be placed to the smart contract with a 2 month vesting Loot chest 24 000 PIR All amount will be placed in the smart contract. Each level of Loot chest will have its own Smart contract which in every purchase will randomly distribute the amount of rewards, which will be taken from.

Marketing 1000 PIR


Bio: A main token of the project. Used to provide liquidity, vote for development, buy NFT (v.2 game) and attack other holders. Initial Supply: 150 000 PIR Total Supply: 150 000 PIR Megalodon Bio: Token used to attack other holders Initial Supply: 100 Total Supply: 500 Price: 0,1 ETH How it works: Once used, it returns to the ¨deep sea¨ and can be purchased after 1 week Breed APY: 1200% Dynamite Bio: Token used to attack other holders Supply: 50 weekly Price: 0,5 ETH How it works: Burned after use

Funds received from purchases will be distributed in the following way:

25% - buyback and burn of the $PIR 25% - marketing 50% - development of the project Deflationary model

From each transaction made in $PIR tokens a 10% commission will be deducted:

10% burned forever

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